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Canada in middle of pack on polar bear protection: World Wildlife Fund 

By Bob Weber THE CANADIAN PRESS Canada’s polar bear protection is getting good marks from an international conservation group, but the World Wildlife Fund says the country could better protect important habitat and minimize threats to the iconic predators. “They largely did a pretty good job of accomplishing what they ...

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Nuclear waste bunker decision not about ‘money or beads and trinkets’

By Colin Perkel THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO-Indigenous people in the shadow of one of the world’s largest nuclear reactor are adamant their values will underpin their decision on whether to approve a proposed multibillion-dollar storage bunker for radioactive waste, a process that could take at least another year to play ...

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South Dakota pipeline spill will take months to clean up

By Nia Williams, Kevin O’Hanlon  CALGARY, Alberta/LINCOLN, Nebraska (Reuters) – The crude oil spill on the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota will take months to clean up, a state official said on Friday, just days before Nebraska was due to decide on another pipeline project by the owner, TransCanada Corp. Canadian ...

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Stargazers eye the nation’s first dark sky park in Idaho

By Keith Ridler THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BOISE, Idaho-Tourists heading to central Idaho will be in the dark if local officials get their way. The first International Dark Sky Reserve in the United States would fill a chunk of the state’s sparsely populated region that contains night skies so pristine that ...

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Agriculture as bad as deforestation for climate change, says report

AUGUST 22, 2017 BY ELLEN WULFHORS New York — Agriculture has contributed nearly as much to climate change as deforestation by intensifying global warming, according to US research that has quantified the amount of carbon taken from the soil by farming. Some 133-billion tonnes of carbon have been removed from ...

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Arctic voyage finds global warming impact on ice, animals 

By Frank Jordans THE ASSOCIATED PRESS VICTORIA STRAIT, Nunavut -The email arrived in mid-June, seeking to explode any notion that global warming might turn our Arctic expedition into a summer cruise. “The most important piece of clothing to pack is good, sturdy and warm boots. There is going to be ...

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