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Five Nations Energy celebrates 20th anniversary

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day Congratulates Five Nations Energy Incorporated on their 20th Anniversary.

(Serpent River First Nation, December 11, 2017) Today is the 20th anniversary of Five Nations Energy Incorporated (FNEI), a development that placed transmission and distribution of electricity into the hands of Mushkegowuk First Nations in the James Bay Lowlands in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The anniversary is being marked today by the FNEI Board of Directors.

In September 1997, Five Nations Energy Inc. (FNEI) was incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act. FNEI selected SNC Lavalin Inc. to undertake a feasibility study to look into the development and construction of a transmission line between Moosonee and Attawapiskat, also serving Fort Albany and Kashechewan. The study proved to be positive in its outlook of the development of line, whereby the Mushkegowuk Chiefs decided to proceed with construction.  A confidence report was completed by Stone & Webster on the technical and engineering aspects of the feasibility study and by Scotia Capital on the financial aspects.  Both confidence reports confirmed that the project was viable, which assisted in the financing that FNEI would require in advancing their dream of a grid-fed energy system. The results were immensely positive on all aspects of life in those First Nations, including the decommissioning of dirty energy from diesel systems.

One of the driving forces behind FNEI’s success was former project coordinator, the late Ed Chilton, survived in the company by brother Pat Chilton who has picked up on his legacy and management leadership. Both men have given absolute dedication to this file, affecting the lives of thousands of Mushkegowuk citizens over the last generation.

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day remembers, “Ed Chilton was a quiet and an effective leader who certainly was looked upon as an important voice not only for the North, but he was one of those voices that was no stranger to the Ontario Energy Board, and other tables where First Nations needed the best and brightest perspectives to help push our rights and to help establish energy systems that would meet the needs of our communities. FNEI’s inaugural team was very fortunate to have high impact technical minds, savvy business leaders, and community conscious elected officials. Today their legacy can be traced back to the spirit of land, family and a proud Mushkegowuk identity. We all win when trail-blazing projects like this succeed – congratulations to FNEI.”


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