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Census: Majority popluation at Osoyoos First Nation non-aboriginal

 October 31, 2017
 While Canada-wide, figures  show a growing and young indigenous population in First Nation communities, at the Osoyoos Indian Band the majority of residents were identified as non-Aboriginal.
Statistic Canada’s new census data shows 340  First Nations people and another 15 registering as Metis at the  Osoyoos Indian Band reserve.
But 415 people, the majority of the people living on the Osoyoos Indian Band reserve, identified as non-Aboriginal.
Those figures may be directly related to the fact the reserve boasts  several housing developments on leased land near Osoyoos and Oliver, including the Cottages on Osoyoos Lake development, villas  and resort living .
In 2016, there were 1,673,785 Aboriginal people in Canada, accounting for 4.9 per cent of the total population. Aboriginal includes First Nations, Métis and Inuit.This represents a 42.5-per-cent increase since 2006. While some of this can be attributed to natural growth – birth rates and life expectancy – another key factor is the increased number of people self-identifying as Aboriginal.
Within the Town of Osoyoos, 245 people are Aboriginal, including 155 Métis and 85 First Nations. There are no reported Inuit.
The information on Canada’s immigration and ethno-cultural diversity was the fifth release of data from the 2016 census. At the same time, Statistics Canada released data about Aboriginal peoples in Canada that show a young and growing population.-With reports from Canadian Press  and Osoyoos Times-
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