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 Carrie Langevin owner of Mother Earth Essentials is adding a cold tea line this fall. (Supplied photo)

Mother Earth Essentials launching new Indigenous herbal tea

EDMONTON, ALBERTA- Mother Earth Essentials is adding to its line of  indigenous bath bath and body products, and tea with a line of bottled cold tea.

Carrie Langevin who comes from a long line of Cree Medicine women  is  adding the line of bottled cold tea to her brand.

Langevin has two types of tea, called Kikawinaw, which,  means Mother Nature in Cree. The tea,  Mountain Berries is a mixture of berries and fruit sweetened with sugar from birch.  Her herbal tea is made from stinging nettles, rose hip, and cardamom, along with other nourishing plants. The teas are  a carefully-researched and concocted herbal recipe developed in collaboration with NAIT, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
She introduced the new product, that will be available this fall, at the Taste of Edmonton  Wednesday  ( July 26 2017)

“NAIT have been amazing partners, they have believed in the product and developed the formula for us,”  she said

Mother Earth Essentials is an  Aboriginal owned company  that incorporates traditional Aboriginal ingredients to create products “that honour and promote our beautiful culture, respect Mother Earth, nurture the human body and inspire the human spirit,” her website says.

The company was founded by Carrie Langevin  who is Cree  with a long family line of Medicine women.  She launched the company to share  Aboriginal culture,  and honor for the environment  that provides the plants she uses in her luxurious bath, body and beauty line.

She blends  essential oils, berries, medicinal, and ceremonial plants that Mother Earth provides with the teachings she learned as a young girl. “I remember gathering plants and berries with my Grandmother while she shared her stories and her deep understanding of traditional plants and their uses,” says Carrie. “My grandmother healed us with her medicinal plants – everything from pink eye, sore throats, stomach ailments, aches and pains, and infections. She’d make us these beautiful, healing teas,” she says.

The pharmaceutical industry currently uses over 200 plants traditionally used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. She spent 15 years in the cosmetic industry and cosmetology school she found there were no products created from Aboriginal knowledge.

She started working at the Sawridge Spa, a hotel chain throughout Alberta owned by the Sawridge Indian band, that ironically, became Carrie’s first hotel amenity client after she launched Mother Earth Essentials. The Peppermint Sage hotel line up is extremely popular and is now carried in seven hotel chains. She also makes a custom product for the Sawridge hotel – it’s a mini cedar balsam spray that is their signature scent and widely used as their marketing giveaway.

She returned to school to get an education degree and began teaching in an Aboriginal high school where she said the students kindled her own cultural pride.
“I saw the first spark with my students but it didn’t stop in the classroom. I have seen the same appreciation and interest as I share teachings and traditions with non-native professionals during lunch hour workshops and shoppers as they browsed handmade products in my store,” says Carrie.  “I wanted to bring beautiful scents such as sweetgrass, sage, wild mint, wild rose, berries, and cedar to the general public,” she says.

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