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Dash8100 (Supplied photo)

Wasaya new air freight Aircraft conversion gives carrier “strategic advantage”

THUNDER BAY-Wasaya Airlines has announced it is moving into freight Aircraft with the addition of a Dash 8-100PF to its fleet, one two going into service this summer.

Design and conversion work was provided by Voyageur Aviation in North Bay creating an aircraft capable of delivering a 10,000-pound payload onto the short gravel runways of remote northwestern Ontario communities.

Wasaya Airways says it is the “world’s first” conversion of a Dash 8 passenger aircraft into a dedicated package freighter.The aircraft will undergo final regulatory checks from Transport Canada before being delivered to Thunder Bay in May.

The company announced in an April 20 news release their aircraft “moves more cargo, faster and at a lower unit cost than other freight aircraft operating in the region.”

Wasaya president-CEO Michael Rodyniuk, congratulated the Voyageur team on their “amazing job,” calling the the addition “an innovative game-changer and an essential strategic advantage for Wasaya in our new business model.”

“This aircraft gives Wasaya a unique competitive advantage, helping us in our mission to improve the quality of life for the people living in communities we serve by reducing the cost of delivering essential goods like groceries, fuels and building materials, into the Canadian North,” said Rodyniuk.

“The aircraft hits a definitive sweet-spot in the regional aircraft cargo marketplace,” added Voyageur president Scott Tapson. “The payload to operational cost ratio is extremely favourable. (Press Release)